My name is Joshua Shapiro, and I've been teaching piano professionally since 1989. I received my Bachelor of Science Summa Cum Laude from the State University of New York at Albany in 1980, and my Master of Arts from Harvard University in 1989.


I took further training in piano performance and pedagogy at the Longy School of Music and University of Massachusetts-Lowell. 

My path to music was unconventional. I began piano study at thirteen, and it didn't become my principal instrument until my early twenties. I made up for lost time and now am comfortable playing a variety of musical styles, with a special love for the advanced piano literature. My field of study in college was physics. I took a concentration in music as an undergraduate, and additional training in more recent years. I studied with Cathy Fuller (you can hear her radio show at the classical station, 99.5FM) and Alice Wilkinson, a Longy School concert pianist. I've also played in several rock and pop groups. My current project is an acoustic trio called Deja Vu that performs regularly in the local clubs. 

It's been fun, but it's also brought a new energy and approach to my teaching. I discovered there is a powerful educational connection between these very different forms of music. For this reason I encourage my students to try a lot of styles, and even a few different instruments. (I play the guitar, and a bit of percussion.)

I have long had an interest in musical philanthropy. In 2009 I began a program in Lowell, MA to teach music at a homeless shelter where young children live. In 2010 I began a similar program at the 'projects' in Lowell, in collaboration with the Lowell Housing Authority.

I've also helped out the musical scene in Westford. I have been a volunteer at the Parish Center for the Arts since its founding. In 2001 I helped raise the money to buy a Steinway concert grand piano for the PCA, where it serves both professionals and amateurs; the Steinway is used regularly for the Piano Heritage Series, a series of high level professional concerts which I co-founded. 

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